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TCOM Aerostats Ideal for Maritime Surveillance

The TCOM 28M Operational Class Aerostat is a versatile, battle-proven, rapid deployment, persistent surveillance solution for ground, air, and sea, equipped to detect and track targets in the most challenging terrain. TCOM 28M aerostat is a mid-sized, wide-area surveillance vehicle that can be customized for a variety of mission types. (To Continue Reading on the […]

TCOM Recognized by New Zealand’s Line of Defence Magazine as Major Persistent Surveillance Solution for its Expansive Maritime Borders

TCOM—a global leader for innovative, cost-effective Airborne Persistent Surveillance Solutions was recently interviewed for the latest addition of the Line of Defence magazine. TCOM’s Vice President, Matt McNiel, sat down to discuss TCOM’s unique ISR solutions and how New Zealand can benefit from Lighter-Than-Air Persistent Surveillance Tethered Aerostat platforms. In Line of Defence’s own words, […]

TCOM Wins 2017 Government Security News’ Award for Its Versatile Aerostats Serving as Best Maritime ISR Solutions

July 7, 2017—TCOM—a global leader for innovative, cost-effective Airborne Persistent Surveillance Solutions—became a two-time winner at the Government Security News Border Security Awards. Both award wins were in the categories of Maritime/Port Security/Underwater Vehicles section where TCOM was awarded: Best Maritime Persistent Surveillance ISR Platform – TCOM 28M AEROSTAT – WINNER Most Notable Naval Market […]

Singapore reorganises military to fight terrorism

Terrorism is the Singapore Ministry of Defence’s (MINDEF) top priority, and it has taken numerous measures to defend the island across all spectrums. Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen predicted that more fighters will shift their focus to Southeast Asia as the coalition campaign in the Middle East makes progress. Singapore has been placed on a […]

Airships’ time has come in the north

Judy Klassen knows first-hand the importance and the dangers of ice roads. That’s why she endorses the research of cargo airships as a solution to the transportation problems in the north. The interim leader of the Manitoba Liberal party is the MLA for Kewatinook, a riding that includes more than half the remote fly-in communities […]

TCOM Persistent Surveillance Aerostats ideal for Maritime surveillance

TCOM – a global leader for innovative, cost-effective Airborne Persistent Surveillance solutions – joined forces with the Maryland Commerce Department recently to present at this year’s Avalon Air Show in Geelong, Australia.   At this year’s show, TCOM was proud to show off their latest aerostat innovations, displaying two posters focusing on maritime and border […]

Aerostats Ideal for Maritime Surveil of Ports & Coastal Borders

TCOM—a global leader for innovative, cost-effective Airborne Persistent Surveillance solutions—joined forces with the Maryland Commerce Department, to present at this year’s Avalon Air Show in Geelong, Australia. The Avalon Air Show is one of the most prestigious aviation and aerospace events in the Southern Hemisphere, with more than 600 exhibitors and 150 delegations. The event […]

Persistence of Vision – The Key to Asserting National Sovereignty

Surveillance of  Canadian territory in the High Arctic is problematic at the best of times. This is especially true of  the Northwest Passage. The various issues are well understood: lack of infrastructure (while environmental sensitivity restricts the building of future infrastructure); navigational difficulties imposed by both weather and the high latitude; the lack of northern- […]

Aerostats in Action

Tim Compston, Features Editor at Security News Desk and SecurityMiddleEast.com speaks to Matthew McNiel, Vice President of Business Development at TCOM – a global leader in this field – about why the deployment of aerostats for border protection, emergency management, and security applications is taking off. Persistent Surveillance With a wide array of aerial surveillance […]

TCOM Electronics Technicians Keep Company’s Aerostats Flying High

Inside an enormous hangar that once launched World War II Navy blimps, TCOM, L.P. manufactures and assembles airships and the lofty aerostats that are used for air defense systems and surveillance around the world. A key to the Elizabeth City, N.C. operation is an inventory of fine-tuned machines—and the technicians who keep them running. Bradley […]