Singapore TV Channel NewsAsia Announces that the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Will Deploy an Aerostat System to Aid Surveillance in 2015, Saving the Nation Millions in Defense Spending

Singapore TV Channel NewsAsia recently featured a story about the implementation of an aerostat persistent surveillance system intended to enhance and augment the nation’s outdated ground-based radar systems. The new system, a TCOM 55M aerostat, will deliver round-the clock persistent surveillance at a low total cost of ownership.

After Singapore deploys the new aerostat in early 2015, the system will provide Singaporean security forces with actionable information to achieve total border domain awareness and early detection of potential aerial and maritime threats.

The new TCOM 55-meter aerostat system will be integrated within the nation’s existing border security network, resulting in constant monitoring of Singapore’s airspace and sea lanes. The unmanned system will be equipped with a radar three times more powerful than the current system and will be working around the clock. As a result, the aerostat system will save Singapore an estimated $29 million in operating costs.

Singapore’s Defense Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen stated, “For a small island state like Singapore, surveillance and early warning to give us sufficient reaction time to respond will always be a challenge, but the aerostat will improve our surveillance capabilities significantly.”