TCOM wins the Government Security News magazine competition as the Best Coastal Surveillance Solution for 2015

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June 22, 2015

GSN is pleased to announce the Winners and Finalists in its 2015 annual Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards Program, which once again demonstrates the spectacular scientific achievements and dedication to homeland security that are shared by the public-private partnership of vendor companies and federal, state and local government agencies.

The program has been expanded in 2015 to include new categories such as Satellite Communications and Search and Rescue, supplementing the core technologies of Access Control & Identification, Detection, Communications, Perimeter Protection and Video Surveillance, all of which continue to improve, evolve and integrate to create stronger defenses.

The program also salutes government agencies and their vendors that have completed truly spectacular security upgrades at Airports and Seaports and in all aspects of Border Security. The “Most Notable” initiatives described in the government category also include a dramatic rescue in Antarctica by the U.S. Coast Guard and a world-class National Identity Card created by HID Global and DGM Sistemas Lda (DGA) of Luanda for the government of Angola, which now has over 6-million users.

Details of these fabulous accomplishments will be available to readers of the 2015 Digital Yearbook of Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards Winners that GSN will produce in the next 30 days!

GSN would like to thank the distinguished judge of this year’s program, Chuck Brooks, Vice President for Government Relations and Marketing for Sutherland Global Services. Chuck is also an advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Technology Partner networks and is well-known in the Homeland Security field as founder and owner of the two largest Homeland Security discussion groups on Linkedin. In government, he served at the Department of Homeland Security as the first Director of Legislative Affairs for the Science and Technology Directorate. He also spent six years on Capitol Hill as a senior adviser to the late Senator Arlen Spector. In academia, Chuck was an Adjunct Faculty Member at Johns Hopkins University and also taught at George Washington University. He is a well-known speaker and has contributed a number of articles to Government Security News and other publications in the Homeland Security field.

CATEGORY: Access Control/Identification

Best Biometric Identification Solution – WINNER: Cross Match

Best ePassport Solution – WINNER: Securiport

Best Physical/Logical Privileged Access Solution – WINNERS: Honeywell Security

Stanley Security Technologies (Tie)

CATEGORY: Best Detection Solutions

Best Biological/Chemical Detection – WINNERS: Bruker Detection/Chemring Sensors (Tie);

FINALIST: Teknoscan

Best Cargo /Vehicle Screening – WINNER: Advanced Cargo Screening,

FINALISTS: Implant Sciences, Teknoscan

Best Explosives/Narcotics/Contraband Detection – WINNER: Surescan Corporation,

FINALISTS: Implant Sciences, Teknoscan

Best Nuclear/Radiation Detection – WINNER: Rapiscan Systems

Best Security Checkpoint (persons, baggage, parcels) – WINNER – Implant Sciences

FINALIST – Global Elite

CATEGORY: Communications Solutions

Best Satellite AIS Solution – WINNER: PortVision

Best Man Overboard Tracking – WINNER: PureTech Systems

Best Mass Notification System – WINNER: LRAD Corporation,

FINALISTS: AtHoc, Regroup Mass Notification

Best Acoustic Hailing Service – WINNER: LRAD

CATEGORY: Surveillance Systems

***Best Coastal Surveillance Solutions – WINNER – TCOM, LP***

Best Video Analytics Solutions – WINNER: NICE SYSTEMS

FINALIST: ProVideo/Golden Eye

Best Video Analytics/Intrusion Detection – WINNER: Honeywell Security

Best Long-Range/Day-Night Surveillance – WINNER: CoHuHD Costar

CATEGORY: Best Perimeter Protection, Fencing, Gates, Guard Booths

Best Fencing, Barriers, Bollards, Gates – WINNERS: Betafence (Fences), Tilt-A-Way (Gates)

Best Guard Service/Facility Protection Service – WINNER: GLOBAL ELITE

Best Integrated Perimeter Protection Solution – WINNERS: Fiber Sensys, Gallagher (Tie)

CATEGORY: Best Integrated Security Programs

Best Geographic Information Service GIS Application – WINNER: Network Harbor

Best Physical Security Information Management Solution (PSIM) – WINNER: Honeywell Security

FINALISTS Network Harbor, NICE Systems

Best Integrated Harbor Security Program – WINNER – Emergency Response Technology, LLC

CATEGORY: Most Notable Government, Government/Industry Security Programs

Most Notable Airport Security Program, Project, Upgrade – WINNER: Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport

FINALIST: Transportation Security Administration

Most Notable Border Security Program, Project, Upgrade – WINNER: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Most Notable National ID Solution – WINNER: HID Global and DGM Sistemas Lda

Most Notable Search and Rescue of the Year – WINNER: United States Coast Guard

Most Notable Seaport Security Program, Project, Upgrade – WINNER: The Mariner Group

FINALIST: Port of Corpus Christi and CohuHD Costar