Meeting Your Mission:
Anywhere. Everywhere.

TCOM is the proven global leader for innovative, cost-effective Airborne Persistent Surveillance solutions protecting national security in the world’s most demanding operational environments.  TCOM makes persistent surveillance affordable.

Proven Performance,

TCOM persistent surveillance solutions detect potential threats by air, over land and by sea, providing actionable intelligence rapidly, efficiently and economically. TCOM aerostat systems are Soldiers of the Skies.

Technology and Innovation:
Legacy of Excellence.

We provide our customers with innovation, responsiveness and best value by leveraging our advanced technology, skilled workforce and over 40 years of proven experience. TCOM advancements continue to define the industry.

Customized Solutions,
To Counter Any Threat.

TCOM offers the world’s largest selection of proven aerostat solutions that counter the tactical, operational and strategic threats faced by our customer-nations. End-to-end systems engineered for any environment.

TCOM Air Image
TCOM Land Image
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Actionable Intelligence, Elevated

We design and manufacture affordable persistent surveillance solutions that provide actionable intelligence to enable more effective decisions. Our aerostat surveillance systems include Tactical, Operational and Strategic Classes designed to meet any mission. Learn more below.