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Elevating Situational Awareness. Anytime. Anywhere.

Every security mission requires a unique set of sensors integrated onto a TCOM lighter-than-air C5ISR design to form a platform system that will meet the customer’s persistent Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) mission.

At the heart of every TCOM Aerostat Surveillance system lies a proven design process that effectively blends customer needs and superior engineering to create a system that will meet all of the customer’s functional requirements cost-effectively and reliably. 

Multi-Domain C5ISR Awareness Solutions

In this era of rapid technology development, maintaining security is an evolving mission with revolutionary threats to changing targets. TCOM Elevated Awareness Solutions a custom-tailored to meet our customer needs for today and tomorrow.

Critical Infrastructure and Force Protection

From oil and gas production at refineries and pipelines to power generation at Hydroelectric or nuclear facilities, infrastructure remains a key target of conventional aggressors and terrorist organizations. Therefore, protecting them is critical to national security.

Distant Warning and Awareness

While ballistic missile technology has not developed at the pace of most other technologies in the modern era, the number of threats that have long distant effects and their availability to a more significant number of military threats is growing. As a result, the ability to sense far beyond an active conflict is critical to national security.

Maritime and Border Security

The continuing rise of Narco-terrorist groups creates complex concerns at a nation’s land and water borders. In addition, their violent tactics often make a refugee exodus at home, resulting in undocumented migration that is often taken advantage of to streamline illicit imports. Thus, maintaining operational control of borders is critical to national security.

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