and force protection

Elevate Your Critical Infrastructure and Border Protection
From oil and gas production at refineries and pipelines to power generation at Hydroelectric or nuclear facilities, infrastructure remains a key target of conventional aggressors and terrorist organizations. Therefore, protecting them is critical to national security.

Protecting critical infrastructure and
force protection for national security

The continuing rise of narco-terrorist groups creates complex concerns at a nation’s land and water borders. In addition, their violent tactics often make a refugee exodus at home, resulting in undocumented migration that is often taken advantage of to streamline illicit imports. Thus, maintaining operational control of borders is critical to national security. 

Designed to enhance our customers’ effectiveness in today’s multi-domain operations, TCOM lighter-than-air systems provide a persistent presence complimenting and enhancing UAVs, Aircraft, and satellites. 

Capable of providing three hundred-sixty-degree coverage for detection, surveillance, monitoring, and targeting on long endurance missions exceeding 14 days, lighter-than-air platforms create a unique ability to understand life patterns in areas of interest.

TCOM surveillance systems employ small, medium, or large aerostats depending upon the nature of the threat, the operational site, location, and required operational altitude. Each aerostat is equipped with proven payloads that are designed to detect and track targets over even the most challenging terrain. TCOM aerostat systems typically carry cutting-edge optical sensors, thermal imaging systems, radars, and passive communications intelligence technologies, which provide ground forces with actionable data in a timely manner. This early detection of potential threats affords the critical window of time needed to coordinate forces and engage threats, if necessary.

Elevated Solution for Every Mission

TCOM enables a true system of systems approach to meet our customers’ objectives effectively and efficiently. With 50 years of operational experience, and working with the industry’s best strategic partners, TCOM provides its customers stand-alone lighter-than-air systems, enhanced sensor packages and upgraded command and control for their current systems, or a complete deployment with multiple platform types and communications networks.

Awareness Solutions

Every security mission requires a unique set of sensors integrated onto a TCOM lighter-than-air C5ISR design to form a platform system that will meet the customer’s persistent Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) mission. We work closely with the industry’s best strategic partners. 

At the heart of every TCOM Aerostat Surveillance system lies a proven design process that effectively blends customer needs and superior engineering to create a system that will meet all the customer’s functional requirements cost-effectively and reliably. 

Manufacturing Solutions

TCOM produces the most advanced, state-of-the-art, and reliable aerostat systems in the world.  This is accomplished by having the latest lighter-than-air C5ISR manufacturing technology, equipment, facilities, and tooling to bring our advanced designs to life. 

Our unrivaled experience and capabilities in manufacturing aerostat and airship flex structures, mooring stations, avionics, tethers, and ground support equipment, provides our customers with unparalleled capabilities to support diverse payloads for a myriad of mission requirements.  

Sustainment Solutions

TCOM’s proven approach to the latest lighter-than-air C5ISR lifecycle support for fielded systems is based on our expertise in anticipating each system’s needs, balancing availability with affordability, and assigning Headquarters and Field personnel familiar with the system. We work with the industry’s leaders in partnership to achieve mission outcomes. 

TCOM customers deserve the absolute best, especially as missions evolve and operating environments change. Whether it is training spare parts, or kits, field service support or operations management, or even lifecycle management, we do not cut corners.  TCOM focuses on being a full-service partner throughout the product lifecycle.

Solution Architecture

TCOM strives to give you the assurance that the investment you have already made in defensive security technology will be optimized and that the technology will enable our monitoring systems to help protect you. 

We can review both the architecture and the configuration of technical security controls deployed to safeguard your digital assets once we have a clear understanding of the risks you face to ensure they are configured to identify relevant compromises and minimize damage from compromises. 

We can also provide active management of these platforms to ensure that their configuration remains commensurate with the evolving risks you face.


Strategic Engineering Services

TCOM has extensive experience in all phases of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance R&D – from concept development and prototyping to transforming prototypes into final products. 

This broad technical and operational experience, combined with our proven program management capabilities, enables us to provide our customers with solutions that meet program objectives and perform in the field.

Mission Support & Sustainment

TCOM’s Mission Support and Sustainment capabilities strategically identify our customers’ demands and their drivers. We leverage our lessons learned and turn them into best practices that are implemented across programs and deliver improved quality, efficiency, and security. As part of our mission-enabling technology and automated and data-driven logistics, we provide resilient solutions matched to the customer’s mission, commodity, and environment.

Custom Manufacturing

TCOM is involved in all aspects of the aerospace supply chain, from single components to complex systems, to aerospace structures and their contents. Our services cover the entire lifecycle of an aerospace asset, from raw material to aftermarket support. We are competitive because of our unique ability to integrate a wide range of products and services. By aligning our go-to-market strategies with our customers’ needs, this organizational structure gives us greater clarity into our capabilities. Furthermore, it improves the efficiencies of our operation by better aligning our talent with our internal operations.

Product Improvement

Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) technologies are integrated into TCOM platforms to increase situational awareness, mobility, interoperability, and survivability. TCOM’s technology-agnostic integration provides the flexibility that customers need. Our team offers full lifecycle support for ISR systems, from design to deployment to maintenance and improvements.


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