Advanced Aerostat Manufacturing Facilities

TCOM produces the most advanced, state-of-the-art and reliable aerostat systems in the world.  This is accomplished by having the latest aerostat manufacturing technology, equipment, facilities and tooling to bring our advanced designs to life. We offer capabilities and experience manufacturing aerostat and airship flex structures, mooring stations, avionics, tethers and ground support equipment.

Complete Systems Manufacturing

TCOM is the only LTA Company in the world that has a facility devoted to aerostat manufacturing, airship manufacturing, assembly, flight test and training operations – all in a single location.  We manufacture the world’s largest aerostats and are capable of manufacturing, inflating, rigging, and testing them all while protected from the weather inside our hangar.  We also perform integration and flight testing onsite at our new flight pad. Our aerostats are manufactured using highly engineered, TCOM-designed base fabric.  The fabrics are then seamed together using specialized equipment designed by TCOM for the sole purpose of building our flex structures.  Once assembled, they are air inflated and tested, then inflated with helium.  After helium inflation, the hardware and rigging is installed which prepares the aerostat for integration with the rest of the system.

Our new, state-of-the-art mooring station manufacturing facility is conveniently located adjacent to the hangar.  All assembly and testing of the mooring stations is conducted in this central facility. Prior to integration with the aerostat and surveillance components, the mooring stations are passed through a rigorous acceptance procedure to ensure all functionality. Once the mooring structure, boom, tower, and other major portions are assembled together, integration of the machinery, electrical and hydraulic systems takes place. The system’s avionics are also designed and manufactured by TCOM in an environmentally controlled area located at the headquarters facility.  After all the components are procured and inspected, material kits are put into the shop for assembly and unit testing.  TCOM employs a highly trained and experienced staff dedicated to wiring all the electronic items for the aerostat, mooring system and ground station.  In addition, we build swivel slip-rings and perform tether termination and break testing, and perform thermal cycling and stress testing.

Once all of the electronics components have passed unit test, they are assembled together as a functional system and fully tested against rigorous acceptance standards.  If payloads are available, they can be integrated at the electronics manufacturing facility or later with the complete system at the hangar.  After the aerostat, mooring system, and avionics subsystems are completed, they are integrated together at the new flight pad, located at the Manufacturing Flight and Test Facility.  Flight tests then begin as the complete system functionality is tested.

Quality Assurance

The Elizabeth City aerostat Manufacturing and Flight Test Facility enables TCOM to provide customers with an unparalleled level of quality assurance, training, ongoing operations and field support services. This facility has become the East Coast hub for all airship maintenance and assembly activities.  The ability of TCOM to manufacture complete systems, rather than just sub-assemblies, provides us the flexibility to change quickly when needed to accommodate our customers’ needs.


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