Aerostat System Training to Ensure Mission Success

The most sophisticated and capable system cannot be used effectively if the individuals who operate and maintain it are not properly trained. Therefore, the TCOM Training Group provides aerostat system training to meet this need. The Training Group and Technical Documentation Group are integrally tied together as vital elements of the Integrated Logistics Support of our Aerostat Surveillance Systems wherever they are deployed.

Hands-On Experience, On-Site Instruction

One significant advantage of TCOM aerostat system training is the ability to use our Manufacturing and Flight Test Facility (MFTF) in Elizabeth City, NC, which provides excellent facilities for both classroom and hands-on training of customer personnel.  The classroom training is based on material prepared by our experts in our Technical Documentation Group and can be shaped to meet unique customer requirements. The training prepares Flight Directors to fly and manage the aerostat system, and trains technicians to maintain all of the mechanical, electric and electronic equipment in the system. The technicians are also trained to assist in launch and recovery procedures.

The MFTF hangar is so large that trainees can actually fly our smaller aerostat systems inside without concern for adverse weather conditions. It also allows trainees to perform many hands-on activities on our larger systems. Additional on-the–job aerostat system training on these larger platforms is provided at the operational site location. OJT training for smaller systems can be accomplished right at the MTFT facility.

Proven History of Results

TCOM’s tried and proven training approach to aerostat system training has been an important contributor to our continuing success as the leading worldwide supplier of Aerostat Persistent Surveillance Systems. The TCOM training team has prepared military and civilian customer personnel from many diverse nations to keep TCOM Aerostat Surveillance Systems fulfilling their missions for decades.

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