Leadership Team

Lexi Alexander

VP, Cyber Division

Lexi Alexander has oversight of both defensive and offensive cyber capabilities for the Department of Defense, International Markets, and Fed Civ and brings 20+ years of policy, operational, and business expertise in the Aerospace and Defense Industry for CONUS and OCONUS operations.  Her experience includes knowledge of mission support services and cutting-edge technology-related advancements.


Throughout her career, Alexander has supported strategic planning, growth initiatives, and comprehensive corporate business and technology development as an executive for both large and small businesses. She is known for managing diverse staffs and growing businesses to achieve a significant Return on Investment (ROI) and overdriving financial goals as well as leading teams to take initiative, own their projects and achieve their individual and collective potential. 

Ms. Alexander has a wealth of experience in business development and program management through direct and indirect engagement within multiple networks. Executive teams, government officials, markets and partners, media platforms and networking events, and conferences within the Defense, Federal and international markets have all served to cultivate her extensive skillset. Her engagements with these connections have largely focused on the inclusion of hostile areas and development of economies. Ms. Alexander has broad experience in the government services focused on delivering engineering, IT, base and personnel security services to international, defense and civil markets. 


Ms. Alexander holds a Master’s Degree in Defense Policy Analysis and Middle Eastern/African Affairs from the George Washington University and has published several articles. She currently sits on the Walter Reed National Military Market Board covering military health initiatives for the National Capitol Region.  

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