National Air Defense and CONOPS Integration: See TCOM’s Innovative ISR at The Singapore Airshow

Columbia, MD, USA – TCOM showcases resilient, persistent Elevated Sensor ISR solutions for air defense and maritime surveillance at the Singapore Airshow (Booth C-U65). At this show, TCOM will demonstrate how to integrate aerostat platforms into the National Air Defense and the next-generation maritime surveillance and missile defense.

CONOPS-Driven Communications Integration: Learn how TCOM’s solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing CONOPS (Concept of Operations), enabling real-time information sharing, deep sensing capabilities, and coordinated decision-making across all air & missile defense, maritime, and land assets. TCOM prioritizes interoperability to ensure your forces operate effectively as a unified team.

Unveiling Next-Gen Maritime Surveillance:

  • 34M Aerostat System: Experience the power of TCOM’s 34M Aerostat, enhanced by a multi-mode maritime radar system designed to deliver exceptional long-range detection and tracking of maritime threats with superior accuracy and reliability. Ideal for coastal surveillance, port security, and exclusive economic zone (EEZ) monitoring, the 34M provides actionable intelligence to keep you ahead of potential dangers.
  • 71M Class Aerostat System: Discover the unmatched capabilities of our 71M class air & missile defense system. This advanced system utilizes cutting-edge radar technology to detect, track, and engage various aerial threats, including drones, missiles, and aircraft. Providing extended range enabling rapid response time, the 71M provides vital protection, strengthening the country’s defense.
  • Integrated Communications Network: Ensure seamless communication and data sharing across your entire national security operations with our robust and secure communications solutions.

Resilient, Persistent, Cost-Effective:

  • Up to 30-day mission times, 4,600+ meters altitude.
  • Proven experience: 50 years, 500,000+ operational hours.
  • Integrates with national air defense networks.

The Singapore Airshow is a strategic node in the global aerospace and defense industry. The event features a world-class exhibition with global companies, cementing its reputation as the most influential aerospace and defense show in the Asia Pacific region. Visit TCOM (Booth C-U65) :

About TCOM, L.P.:

TCOM, LP, a long-time global leader in Lighter-Than-Air platforms, is proud to offer a full line of elevated awareness solutions.  Combining custom selections of the world’s most advanced sensors, customer-specific communications, and intelligent user interfaces with a broad range of airborne platforms provides the end user with a cost-effective, unparalleled capability. For more information, visit


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