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  • Headquarters in Columbia, MD
  • Manufacturing in Elizabeth City, NC


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  • Strategic locations
  • State-of-the-art facilities



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TCOM headquarters facitlity

TCOM headquarters are strategically located in Columbia, MD, minutes from government offices and decision makers in Washington, DC, and mere miles from the Baltimore/Washington Airports and the Port of Baltimore. The modern facility houses the high-tech engineering and support laboratories, as well as the national and international marketing departments and administrative staff. In addition, the facility is home to the high-tech electronics lab, where the aerostat surveillance equipment and antennae arrays are tested and assembled before installation. The Columbia, MD facilities are home to a diverse staff of innovators and experts, all dedicated to providing aerostat persistent surveillance at the most affordable cost.

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Manufacturing, Production and Test Facilities:


TCOM’s state-of-the-art manufacturing, production and testing facilities are nestled into a picturesque valley across 225 acres just outside Elizabeth City, NC. The main hangar is a massive 300,000 square foot metal structure that can accommodate vehicles up to 150 feet in height. This 1000 foot long hangar is home to nearly all manufacturing and testing for the entire line of TCOM aerostat balloons. At full capacity, the hangar can accommodate up to six fully-inflated 71-meter aerostats. Within the hangar, a separate, environmentally controlled “clean room” is devoted to the fabrication of individual sections of the larger aerostat hulls, and to the assembly of the smaller models.

Adjacent to the hangar complex is the ground systems manufacturing facility. This newly completed 40,000 square foot building houses two 300 foot long bays along with heavy-duty overhead cranes to lift and rotate components during construction. The assembly, testing and integration of all ground winches and mooring systems takes place within the ground systems building. The addition of this new facility is a result of TCOM’s continued growth and commitment to innovation. A 28,000 square foot Integrated Logistics Support facility is located next to ground systems building.

TCOM also maintains a separate 24,000 square foot aerostat production facility approximately 7 miles from the main campus. This secondary facility focuses on the manufacturing and testing of smaller aerostats and mooring systems, and offers the logistical convenience of railroad access. In each of TCOM’s facilities, the highest levels of security and quality assurance are always enforced.

Thanks to the unique nature of TCOM’s manufacturing equipment, cutting-edge technologies, and expert engineers, the Elizabeth City facilities have become the central East Coast hub for all commercial aerostat and airship maintenance and assembly activities.

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