Secure Our Oceans Project – TCOM’s Operational Class Aerostat Systems

TCOM offers the Operational Class Aerostat Systems that the company labels as ideal for maritime and border surveillance. These medium-sized systems are versatile and are capable of sustained deployments of up to two weeks. They are customizable, offering the consumer the flexibility to meet mission objectives.

Load it up: These systems can carry payloads that include radar, signals intelligence and communications devices and can reach altitudes as high as 915 meters (3000 ft)  above the ground control station.

The models: TCOM offers the TCOM 22M and TCOM 28M. The 22M can be assembled in a few hours and can be rapidly deployed without needing any special equipment. This model is operational in Afghanistan and is capable of carrying multiple intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance payloads. Based on the 22M, the 28M is one of the most widely-used aerostat systems, is battlefield ready and can be customized with a variety of payload configurations to meet mission requirements.


Payload Weight: 190 kilograms (425 lbs)
Altitude: 900 meters (3000 ft)
Flight Duration: 14 days
Wind Speeds: 50 knots operational / 70 knots survival


The TCOM 22M is operational in Afghanistan.

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